Chip Quik SMD1 Low Temp Alloy

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SMD1 ChipQuik low temp Alloy for removal of QFPs, PLCCs, SOICs and chip components without complex and costly equipment. A large inventory stock of heater tips and nozzles are not required. See instructions on ease of use.

ChipQuik SMD1 Low Timp Alloy Rework Kit

ChipQuik SMD1 Alloy removes SMDs safely and quickly with it's own soldering iron.

• Fast, safe, and easy to use
• Removes QFP's, PLCC's, SOIC's and chip components under 150°c (300°F) temperature range
• No expensive tips or nozzles
• No damage to PC board or adjacent components
• Melting Point of 79-91 Celsius (174 - 195 ) F

SMD1 ChipQuik Low Temp Alloy

Low Cost: ChipQuik SMD1 Low Temp Alloy is available in complete kits for field service or industrial packaging for rework departments. No shelf life! No investment required. Use ChipQuik SMD1 Alloy with existing rework equipment or temperature controlled soldering irons. 2.5ft ChipQuik Alloy material (removes 8-10 SMD's), 1cc syringe of ChipQuik SMD1 No Clean Rework Paste Flux, Alcohol pads for cleanup and a complete guide on SMD removal and cleanup.

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SMD1 Instructions (SMD1_Instructions.pdf, 126 Kb) [Download]

MSDS Sheet (SMD1.pdf, 145 Kb) [Download]

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