HEI-MZO-03 HEI Scope 0.3X objective lens for Micro Zoom MZ02014111

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HEIScope's Objective Lens are semi-plan achromatic design is used, which also can be used with infinite distance metallurgical phase or Biological Microscopes to form images. A Zooming Objective Lens may be configured according to the user's need (the working distance and magnification is adjustable in the given range).

Optional Objective Lens: HEI-MZO-03, HEI-MZO-05, HEI-MZO-07, HEI-MZO-10, HEI-MZO-15, HEI-MZO-20

Objective Lens


0.5X 0.75X 1.0X 1.5X 2.0X
Focus Distance 333mm 200mm 133mm 100mm 67mm 50mm
Working Distance 331mm 198mm 131mm 96mm 63mm 46mm
The FOV angle of the objective 19.5° 19.5° 19.5° 19.5° 19.5° 19.5°
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