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SMD Rework

SMD Rework, SMT Rework

Quality SMD Rework Stations, SMT Rework Stations

Howard Electronic Instruments, Inc. offers innovative SMD Rework Stations, Hot Air Stations, Infrared Preheaters, PCB Board Holders, Handpiece Parts, and Accessories to meet your needs for the serious production line technician, prototype engineer, and the . Choose from JBC Tools, Xytronic, Jovy, Goot, Edsyn, Den-On, Steinel, Master Appliance, Chip Quik or Qualitek.

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$1,100.00 $819.00

PHB-SA JBC Tools Convection Prehater Support


$29.80 $29.50

Edsyn LU572 Hot Air Tip


Lead-Free / RoHS 3 Compliant / REACH Compliant Description BGA Solder Spheres .014" (0.35mm) diameter 250K Bottle. SAC 305 Lead-Free. Specifications...

$23.00 $20.70
JT nozzles extend the potential of the JT-TA heater. They direct the heat to a particular area so that protect adjacent components. The range...

$2,250.00 $1,470.00
Precision soldering through hot air, especially for SMDs JNA is the only Hot Air Station to rework, position and remove SMDs without affecting nearby...

$2,250.00 $1,975.50
The JTSE is a high powered hot air Station capable of reworking all types of SMDs. Connecting an external thermocouple provides a high-precise...

$2,410.00 $2,065.00
Reduce the risk of thermal shock while reworking PHSK Small Preheater Set is the best solution for rework on small / medium PCBAs, such as the once...

$10,575.00 $7,245.00
Reduce the risk of thermal shock while reworking This is a complete system for preheating big-sized PCBAs such as communications boards, airplanes,...

$205.00 $175.50
NHS Stand works exclusively with NH High-Precision Heater Hose Set and JNA High-Precision Hot Air Station. It holds NH when not in use and,...

$215.00 $171.00
NH is the perfect tool to rework SMDs, such as 008004, quickly and safely even under a magnifying glass. It is the best option to suit all requirements...

Easily remove SMD parts with Chip Quik® ULTRA removal alloy Reduce heat and reduce damage to circuit boards and SMD parts during removal...