T245-B JBC Tools Non-Slip Handpiece


JBC Tools T245-B Soldering Handpiece are for both SMD components and for jobs with high power requirements (e.g. ground plane soldering).

T245-B JBC Tools Non-Slip Handpiece

JBC Tools T245-B Handpiece's ergonomic handle and the short distance tip-to-grip ensure greater results and comfort.

The JBC Tools T245-B non-slip handgrip is specially designed for those applications where an extra grip is needed.

JBC Tools T245-B Precision Handpiece

The JBC Tools T245-B handpiece cartridges can be easily replaced using the quick cartridge extractor of JBC´s stands. Works with C245 cartridges.

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JBC Tools

Soldering Iron Handles Manual (T210-T245_MANUAL.pdf, 829 Kb) [Download]

Soldering Iron Handles Brochure (soldering_iron_handles_ENG.pdf, 1,451 Kb) [Download]

Modular Line Brochure (modular_ENG.pdf, 768 Kb) [Download]

Handpiece Exploded View (EXPLODED_T245-B.pdf, 90 Kb) [Download]

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