DIT-2D JBC Tools Soldering Station Package

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DIT-2D JBC Tools Soldering Station with DI-2D Control Unit, AD-SD stand, T245-A Handpiece with C245-903 Cartridge

This station is perfect for industrial soldering jobs with medium and high power requirements.

The DIT-2D works with the JBC exclusive heating system and the intelligent sleep & hibernation features.

Using the menu you can personalize over 20 parameters to help manage the soldering process.

USB connector allows to update software, create graphs and manage parameters from a PC.

Although the DI control unit is fully compatible with all JBC tools, the DIT station works with the lightest and ergonomic T245-A handpiece and C245 cartridges

Vendors :
JBC Tools
4.6 kg (9.9 lb)
Shipping Weight:
5.4 kg (11.9 lb)
Ambient operating temp.:
10-40 ºC (50-104 ºF)
Input fuse:

DIT Manual (DIT-D_MANUAL.pdf, 1,119 Kb) [Download]

Premium Line (Premium_ENG.pdf, 1,004 Kb) [Download]

Exploded View (EXPLODED_DIT-D.pdf, 585 Kb) [Download]