SMDSW.031 4oz Chip Quik No-Clean 4oz 63/37 Lead Solder Wire

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ChipQuik SMDSW.031 4oz No-Clean Solder Wire 63/37 Tin/Lead

ChipQuik SMDSW.031 4oz Leaded Solder Wire 63/37 Tin/Lead no-clean water-washable .031 4oz.

ChipQuik SMDSW.031 4oz No-Clean Solder

- No-Clean Water-Washable Synthetic Flux Core solder
- The clear, non-corrosive, non-conductive residue is meant to be left on the board. Residues that do remain are water soluble if you want to remove them. Clean with hot water at 60C (140F) minimum.
- 2.2% flux core
- ChipQuik SMDSW.031 4oz Solder is made in USA from grade-A virgin metals
- Halogen content: None

ChipQuik SMDSW.031 4oz Solder Specifications

Alloy: Sn63/Pb37
Wire Diameter: 0.031"
2.2% Synthetic Rosin Flux Core.
Classification: ROL0. IPC J-STD-004
Melting Point: 183 degrees C (361 degrees F)
Packaging: 4 oz spool

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Datasheet (SMDSW.020_4OZ.pdf, 126 Kb) [Download]

MSDS (SMDSW.020_4OZMSDS.pdf, 198 Kb) [Download]